Dirge for the Earth

by Achilles

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We present our debut album, "Dirge for the Earth," after over 3 years of hard work, lineup changes, multiple practice spaces, job/financial instability, personal heartbreaks, lots of beer, weed and a determination only metalheads could understand!
We all hope you enjoy it!


released June 1, 2016

Adrian Eberth: Guitars, Backup Vocals
Matt Duff: Bass, Backup Vocals
Patrick Murphy: Drums
Rich Orsini: Guitars
Spencer Murdock: Vocals, Sampling

Artwork: Matt Duff
Logo: Rich Orsini
Design & Layout: Rich Orsini and Spencer Murdock
Engineered & Produced by Eric Alper
Mixed by Eric Alper at Ugly Duck Recording Studio in Brighton, MA
Mastered by Nick Z at New Alliance Studios in Cambridge, MA

All music written by Adrian Eberth and Achilles
All lyrics written by Spencer Murdock (except "Oceans" & "Clouds" by Adrian Eberth)

Guitar/Bass/Vocal recording: Replahaus, 2015
Drum recording: Mortal Music in Boston, MA
(all drums were recorded start to finish on the day of January 24th 2015)




Achilles Boston, Massachusetts

Achilles was started in February 2013 by longtime friends, (vocalist) Spencer Murdock and (guitarist) Adrian Eberth. They gained drummer, Patrick Murphy (a college classmate of Spencer's,) a few months later. Second guitarist and bassist slots recycled for some time but eventually the Achilles roster solidified in the summer of 2014 with Matt Duff on bass and Rich Orsini on rhythm/lead guitar. ... more

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Track Name: Arborvitae
Watch them
Watch them come from the valley
And up the hills
Where we lay
In peaceful harmony

Soon too close
Too close to see
Our futures unfolding
Soon too close
Too close to see

We've watched for years
Our neighbors massacred
Stripped and carted away
Nothing remains but
The barren ground
The ground where they once lay
Where they once lay

As they draw near
Ponder why
Why we who
Gave so much
Must no longer be
And when we're gone
Remember we are the
Roots to your existence

There is
There is nothing left for us
But when we're gone
*We're gone*
Remember we are the roots
The roots
Track Name: Oceans
When I rose up
From the ocean
I surrounded myself
With unbelievers

I closed minds quickly
And became light
There have been none before me

None who could have survived
The fear and the poisonous tongues
How could they have?
How could they have?


All descend as light
And are extinguished as
They are driven to the ocean

I tried to hold them
But I was crushing weight
And had not the sight to rise
Had not the sight to rise

Even some came in the aftermath
To champion despair
And as they grew and rose
From the depths
Magnificent beasts!
Magnificent beasts!
Who defy the currents
Become light and rise
For the light that blinds
Can only be now born from the depths
Though none can see

And it weakens their hearts
And they rise
And it weakens their hearts
And they rise
And it weakens them against the tide

Who can possess now
The power to rise against such odds

All descend as light
And are extinguished as
They are driven to the ocean
This cold crushing blue
Track Name: Plague
Why speak of love
While your hate prevails
My eyes must've clouded
The point is so unclear
Spread the word?
All you spread are lies
There are enough
To upend the Earth

And here the horror rests
Your sheer numbers
Overpower armies, nations...
All for who?
A protagonist?
A metaphor?
All for who?

Your unwarranted incessancy
Your judgements
No one asked you
No one asked you

These beliefs, they are stories
They are stories
Your doctrine of hate mongering

Avert thy gaze
Track Name: Endless
Doors closed behind
Approaching the world anew
Their faces will turn

Retching and sputtering
A mass exodus
As they overturn chairs

Flecks on the skin from ashes
Dropped softly, in piles
Their origin, the flaming pits of endless hate

Endless hate

A confusion
A monster
A judge

Their compassion, no longer present
Or it never was
Burn it with your endless hate

Endless hate
Or it never was

A victim of the ache for truth
Found not within the eyes
Maybe this is just how
Love is earned

For the weight of a swollen heart would sway most
Had most not lost their own
Track Name: Deceiver
The rift is now dug
At least we agree on something
But I never asked for your respect
You fucking scum
I refuse to refer to your name
*I refuse you*

Betrayal runs rampant
And the love is gone
What happens if you
Repeat yourself?
Will your head explode?

What do you care?
You never did
Your ignorance is shit
The time for formality has long passed
As the last drop spills
To your shirt
The animosity you create
Manifests in the stain

We reel from the stench
And I smelled it first
But your disguise worked
No torches at night
Silence, don't wake the deaf
Baffling subliminal authority

Lesson learned
No more chances
No mercy
At least that's what you'd prefer
Let's honor it

No more last times
This time

I hate
This that you perpetuate
End this tyrannical rule

Leave us
Not me (x2)

Even if they grew above it
And managed to find some peace
Im really unsure
If I could ever agree
Track Name: Clouds
Defying judgements of time
Spanning the earth boundary
Receiving bitter cleansation
From the smoke apparatus
And now
The leviathan wakes
Enveloping every sense
Until the muffled voices call out

They call out

The presence is not thrown
By dusk or dawn
It is wise
And unwavering

Unfurling its cloak of shadows
Until the muffled voices call out
"Bring us home"

Bring us home
Calm and strong...

- -

And now
The leviathan wakes
Enveloping every sense
Condensing all false

And now
And now the leviathan wakes

It closes us from the sun
Track Name: Decrowned
I used to be
A king
A force unmatched
And now
Dethroned and decrowned
I near the murky black

The vast expanse
Of time towards death
Dotted with pain and
Quickened by breath
Taught to consume
I've become the consumed
Taught to consume
I've become the consumed

Remove the limbs
And control this vessel

My shadow loomed
Across the field of battle
Each tooth lost
A dropped sword
Each regrown
Medals of bravery
My shadow loomed

(I hope the meat
Tastes bitter on the tongue)

My name is known
Across these plains
Littered with munitions
Spent and battered
Eyes rolled back
A shielded helmet
Protecting the only things
I have to survive

And each now regrown
My virtue, not yours
My shadow has loomed

Head on a pike
Among colleagues of yore
Lining the ramparts
This humiliation
Marks the end of an age

The vast expanse
Of time towards death
Dotted with pain and
Quickened by breath
Taught to consume
I've become the consumed
Taught to consume
I've become the consumed

Remove the limbs
Dispose of this
Remove the limbs
Dispose of this
Worthless body
Track Name: Horoscope
The clouds will collapse
On the brightest of days
When serenity finds its place
Miraculous devastation
The human race will plead for their saviors to protect
Earth knows all and will have her sacrifice
Our mangled torsos spread the seeds to sprout the development of new eras
With joy and rapture
Await our demise
Prepare in whatever way you will

Marrow mixed with soil
And thick blood soaks to the core
Fed and full "our" planet sleeps
We all sleep

Our Earthly cleanse
The universe proceeding

With healthy development

Breathe her air deep
Absorb the essence
Its grasp tightens
Encompassed incubation

The guinea pigs of
Planetary gullibility
*Why are we here?*

The guinea pigs of
Planetary gullibility
*What does it all mean?*